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About the designer


"Show them your crown." ~ Trhonda E.

Trhonda Edwards is the owner and lead designer for brand Upgrade My Diva. With a passion for fashion since adolescence, it took years into adulthood for Trhonda to take the plunge into the fashion industry.


Starting with a botched sewing class, Trhonda took the basic elements of sewing learned, and began teaching herself how to create clothing. Everything from YouTube videos, online classes, books, and studying of her own wardrobe, she became more and more versed in sewing clothing. 

In 2013, she got her big break. A local St Louis R&B artist, that was also her best friend, challenged her to design a look for her for an upcoming performance. After a stressful 24 hours she was able to deliver a WOW look that stunned not only her client but her family and friends. From that experience, Upgrade My Diva was born.

Upgrade My Diva became the brand that brings the "five star" treatment to the everyday woman. She encourages women to flex their "Queen" in everything they do, including their look.

RAW AWAKENING by ProPhotoSTL-4550_edited
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