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Dear Broken Black Girl...

Sometimes the world seems to neglect the everyday struggles that women face, especially women of color. We tend to hold on to a lot of baggage not only for ourselves but for those we care about. We're deemed the "strong black woman" because we've made it through some of the scariest things, however no one ever takes into account the battle scars left behind. Many have no idea how it feels to be considered "strong" when you feel weak in so many aspects. We can't complain, we can't have a down moment, we can't feel our worst, because our "problems" seem minuscule to the one's we are taught to support. So we grin and bear it, internalizing our pain until it manifests itself into something incredibly wrong. There doesn't tend to be many safes spaces for us to vent, grieve, be uplifted or affirmed. I wanted to do something about that. So I created a private Facebook group called Dear Broken Black Girl. It's a love letter to the strong black women who fight for so many day to day, that we forget to fight for ourselves. Here we can be vulnerable, ask for help, and be uplifted and empowered by other strong black women. Together we can begin the process of healing. So if you meet the description of this Queen, feel free to request to join the group. This was something I knew I needed, and I felt others in my position may need to.

Remember, show them your crown,

Trhonda E.

Upgrade My Diva

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